Moan Boy

by Moan Boy

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Recorded and mixed by Connor Schmigle and Otis Baldwin
Mastered by Brandon Wilson
Artwork by Taylor Hale and Henry Dillon


released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Moan Boy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Track Name: I Was Wrong
Grind my teeth to say I love you
I see it in your chewed up nails
Tomorrow will be a question
My loneliness prevails
Fading feelings that I’ve been longing for
Thought that someday they’d come back
If I cried, would you think that I was weak?
When I die, you’ll smile
Track Name: Weed Dungeon
Half asleep
Dull perspective
My time’s a triangle
Redundant patterns
I lie here obtusely

Pull me in (I’m not your cave)
Shallow puddle (You’re not my dreamer)
The feeling lingers
It’ll always be here

Don’t go out
Got no reason
I know the way
Take me across the lot
Misplaced values
My stomach’s full of ants

Full of it (I know they’re there)
I’m not believin’ (I know they’re waiting)
Track Name: Skinjob
When I’m heartless and there’s nothing left inside
Your hands become my only savior
I’m foolish
Disabled by your smile
My weakness is all that you desire

Soaked in confusion
I’ll be here right by your side
You make me wanna believe!
Find out it’s true and I’ll do whatever it takes to become your only need

And now we’re back here
I see your eyes the same way
I know that they’re seeing me
And if you get near
Those faces turn into waves
They make me wanna believe!

Oh no!!
Track Name: No Good Days
I had a nightmare while I was on my sister’s floor
No life shone bright
So terrified to understand that death is all that we can see
And for the first time in my life I came to realize it’ll happen to me
I had a nightmare on her floor, and when I woke I wasn’t sure if I survived

Do you look into your own eyes?
I do all the time
Shudder as I stare and wonder
When will I be me?