A Bad Million Bucks

by Moan Boy

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Kyle Brody - drums
Azaad Ghodratnama - bass
Henry Dillon - guitar, vocals


released May 20, 2015

Recorded by Connor Schmigle
with help from Tone Master Otis Baldwin
Mastered by Brandon Wilson



all rights reserved


Moan Boy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Track Name: Life Ingest
it's making me sick, though it's not a sure thing
hold your hands on my chest
don't disappear
and don't regret it
don't fall behind

the sky means something now
it's changing somehow
look through the window
breathe and let go

you wanna know, and i wanna tell you
but my charms are wearing off
oh the clouds keep moving faster into the sun

the sky means something now
it's changing somehow

Track Name: Share My Page
because i am worth nothing
because scars don't mold
pick your biggest scab
and i will eat it

we're all the same here
don't need a name, yeah

now talk till shame pours out your eyes
tear into a layered fog
find something
pull out from under what's been there so long

tortured one
play your role
use me to
gain control
Track Name: The Computer Organism
far from the garden of eden
where we're allowed to be free
the planets sing of wireless equality

we are becoming new men
the first to witness this
the world will never be the same
life's great with a small chip in your brain

slowly but surely
our minds are merging
caught like flies in the ever-changing web
the world will never be the same
we'll never be the same
Track Name: Self Love
put looks aside, push them far away
it's not what matters in the modern age

they've scanned our irises
they've shared our future secrets

you and me, we look pretty enough
we need to focus on bigger things

can't wait no longer
we've changed for you a thousand times
i'm feelin stronger
won't care about what we have left behind
or what's on the line
cuz we're out of time

peel back the skin, force the knowledge in
who knows what matters in the present day

they've scanned our irises
they've shared out future secrets

persuasion takes control of us
we are the pawns for the big man